Fantasy Zone II returns today for the 3DS

Available right now on Nintendo’s handheld console, Sega’s Fantasy Zone sequel delivers a classic game with some 3D enhancements.

Now that does bring me back. As one of the few kids in my circle of friends to actually have a Master System (everybody pretty much had the NES), it was a singular pleasure of mine to play off-the-wall stuff like Fantasy Zone. I’m not saying that the NES didn’t have some strange titles, but nothing quiet like Fantasy Zone.

Not that original title on the Master System though, here we get a copy of Fantasy Zone II:Tears of Opa-Opa, which is just as crazy. Titled 3D Fantasy Zone II W this time around (I guess the Opa-Opa Tears was a bit much), the game is basically the same one that you remember from the ’80s, with a few alterations. For starters, you can now save your game (what a concept!), and you’ll also have a stage select open to you right at the start. Then there’s also an additional mode called Link Loop Land which is an endless mode that “condenses the all of the fun features of the shooter.”

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3D Fantasy Zone II W is available right now on the eShop for the 3DS. As for what’s next, it’s a good one- 3D Thunder Blade heads to the 3DS in May.

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