FAO Schwarz announces expansion plans and more

FAO Schwarz recently re-opened a flagship location in NYC, and they have much more planned. That includes new shops (including Schweetz) and merchandise.

FAO cements its return

There’s no doubt now, FAO is most definitely back. The toy retailer closed up shop years back, but then surprisingly re-opened last fall in Rockefeller Center in New York City. It’s a classically styled FAO location, and that’s an undeniably good thing.

FAO then opened a location in NY’s LaGuardia airport this past November, the first of a series. A second store is planned for Chicago Midway International Airport and a third is in the works for Indianapolis International Airport. But that’s not all, as “FAO Schwarz and FAO Schweetz shops will open throughout the year in airport terminals nationwide”

The expansion won’t just stop at airports however. FAO has also announced a European flagship is planned for London. That will open its doors in Selfridges’ Oxford Street location this November. It’s going to be a big one too, with 20,000 square feet of space. FAO promises “a full collection of FAO Schwarz products and theatrical experiences” for the location.

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But wait, there’s more. FAO has also partnered with the Kidsland chain, which has 300 stores in China. And on top of that, a 27k square foot space will open in that country’s China World Mall in Beijing this May.

Then there’s the licensing

FAO says that they have entered into licensing agreements with the likes of Britannica Home Fashions, Galerie USA, and Uncas International. Why? Because they’re planning a “wide array of lifestyle products for children and families that will be available this fall”.

Here’s a bit more about that set of deals:

“FAO Schwarz is a global kids lifestyle brand. Because of its rich history, authenticity and nostalgia, we have always felt the FAO Schwarz brand goes beyond toys,” David Conn, CEO of ThreeSixty Brands, FAO Schwarz’s parent company.

Britannica Home Fashions together with FAO Schwarz will develop a collection of home fashions including various styles of bedding, bath, soft holiday décor items, and more. Galerie USA is working with FAO Schwarz to create chocolates, gift-sets, and bespoke candy offerings that celebrate the seasons, such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Christmas confections. Uncas International will launch a line of new FAO Schwarz accessories including jewelry, hair products, and key chains.

FAP Schwarz press release

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