Farming Simulator 22 showcases all the new Platinum Expansion vehicles

Farming Simulator 22 showcases all the new Platinum Expansion vehicles

The Platinum Edition for Farming Simulator 22 is fast approaching. With only a few weeks left before its release, developer Giants is making sure that fans get the full rundown of all that’s in store for the new DLC. The developer dropped a trailer that showcases new vehicles coming to Farming Simulator 22 via the Platinum Edition.

The list includes new machines from Volvo CE. It’s the first time the brand has been represented in a videogame. The edition also includes new gear from various other manufactures like John Deere and Komatsu.


Getting into gear

With the new map of Silverrun Forest at your disposal, players will be able to conquer each corner as they build up their fledgling businesses. The map introduces various new Production Chains, all of which orbit the map’s central key feature of forested areas that are ripe for logging. You’ll cut down down trees, debranch them, and then haul them onto trailers to be taken away for processing and selling. Whether it’s selling the logs as is or converting them into planks, there’s a lot of different ways to go about making use of Silverrun’s abundant resource of trees.

To help with these different aspect of the business, the Platinum Edition of Farming Simulator 22 primarily features new vehicles that are dedicated to forestry work. From large mobile cranes, to tractors with huge chainsaws that make easy work of nearly every tree, there’s a decent variety of tools to help keep the work flowing.

Forestry work is not new to the Farming Simulator series. The Platinum Edition content for Farming Simulator 22 builds upon the formula with more ways to interact with trees, such as being able to wrangle up cut logs and drag them away from the work site.

Chop, chop

The Platinum Edition for Farming Simulator 22 will officially launch on November 15. For existing players who own the Year 1 Season Pass, you’ll be able to hop in immediately. Other buying options include getting it as a standalone add-on for $18.99 USD or bundled with the game itself for $49.99 USD.

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