Final Fantasy XIII and Nuclear Throne are coming to Game Pass PC this September

Final Fantasy Game Pass PC additions to roll over into 2021

Game Pass is the beast that grows indefinitely. Much like Tetsuo from Akira, it will one day threaten our very existence, as its shapeless mass continues to expand upon Neo Tokyo. Why are you looking at me like that? There’s a big (but quite old) release coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC in September, but it’s not a particularly surprising one. Final Fantasy XIII, Square Enix’s divisive series entry that’s mostly a long story hallway is coming to the service. So, lots of new people will soon be asking themselves, “what’s the difference between a L’cie and a Fal’cie and why should I care?”

That’s not all you can expect to see on Xbox Game Pass for PC this September, either. Nuclear Throne, the much-loved, top-down rogue-lite, is going to blast its way onto the service as well. If you’ve been itching to do some amateur surgery (and you shouldn’t admit to that readily, if so) then you’ll be happy to see that Surgeon Simulator 2 can be found among the new titles. That one is extra wacky. As for other bigger releases, space survival (for the first half, at least) game Breathedge can be launched into orbit. It’s a lot of fun, even if it slowly becomes about walking down hallways. It and Final Fantasy XIII could start a club.


Game Pass in September is getting a long hallway JRPG

Rounding out the rest of the pack is Craftopia, a building game in Early Access. Signs of the Sojourner, a narrative-based game that also features cards and social interactions can also be found showing its poker face in the back of the room. If you’re looking for something that’s on the tactical side, Crown Trick will probably be of interest, as it sees players fighting through procedurally generated dungeons using a turn-based battle system. Finally, The Artful Escape will be available on the service at launch, much to the joy of narrative indie fans everywhere.

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