Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.55 brings us the last plot before Endwalker

Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.55 brings us the last plot before Endwalker

Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.55 has just launched, bringing us the last bit of story before the Endwalker expansion arrives in November.

There are no dungeons, trials, or raids this time around, which means I don’t have to write any guides and am doing a happy dance. It’s just story and side content until Endwalker after this. We’re still due a couple more patches — 5.57 in June or July, and 5.58 in July or August, depending on development time — but this is it for major story stuff.


Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.55

At best, I can only guess on where the story’s going to go in 5.55, but for the sake of not accidentally spoiling anything I’ll keep my mouth shut. Triply so, because a lot has happened plot-wise in the past few patches, and I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone who isn’t all caught up. Either way, patch 5.55’s story content is only about three quests long, so I’d mostly just expect setup for Endwalker.

But fear not! There’s also a fair bit of non-story content to sink your teeth into once you’re all caught up and the credits have rolled. The fourth part of the Save the Queen storyline arrives today alongside the new Bozjan battlefield of Zadnor. There’s a new story quest for the NieR raids once you’ve gotten the weekly quests out of the way. Further Resistance weapon upgrades appear to be available, and there’s even a quest for anyone who’s managed to nab every single Triple Triad card in the game.

Final Fantasy Xiv Endwalker (25)

Finally, there’s the usual smattering of General Stuff: new items, mounts, hairstyles, furnishings, and an electric guitar instrument. I can’t wait to hear that being used to play Megalovania in Limsa Lominsa every single time I port back there.

Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.55 is about an 800 MB download, and it’s available now. You can read up on the full patch notes on the official pageEndwalker, meanwhile, is due out on November 23, and we’ve got so much content about that from the Fan Fest. And did I mention I accidentally interviewed Naoki Yoshida about gathering? Because I did that. By accident.

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