First class of video game Hall of Fame inductees announced

Some of the biggest games of all time are now members of a pretty exclusive club.

I actually thought there was already a video game ‘Hall of Fame’, but I guess not because The Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester New York has announced that they’ve chosen the first class to be inducted Picked with the help of both a public ballot and a selection of industry judges, this opening round of inductees represents some of the best of the best.

Leading the lineup is Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros from the NES days and the PC classic Doom, both of which are personal favorites of mine as well. Past them, Pac-Man (another one of my favorites), Pong (of course), Tetris, and finally World of Warcraft rounds out the selections.

The games chosen were up against some still competition too, as titles like Sonic the Hedgehog, The Sims and more were all possibilities for voters. Don’t feel sorry for them though, as the next round of honorees are scheduled to be inducted on March 31st, 2016, so they’ve got plenty more chance to get added to the exhibit.

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And about that, all of the above will be on permanent display and showcased at the Museum of Play. So if you’d like to stop by, go right ahead.

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