First RoboCop trailer arrives | Brutal Gamer

Part man, part machine – all cop.

The story is a familiar one for anyone who’s a fan of the classic RoboCop film from back in the Summer of 1987. In that film, police officer Alex Murphy is brutally gunned down and subsequently resurrected by the less that ethical Omni Consumer Products or OCP. The storyline for the new film coming early next year is largely the same, with some modernization here and there.

OCP, now called OmniCorp, is in the military drone business and is very much looking to bring that tech Stateside to capitalize on the crime rate and rake in the cash. Things get bumpy for the multinational when the cop they chose to meld with the technological marvels they’ve created doesn’t behave exactly like they want him to.

So even though it’s similar to the classic, and definitely seems to carry across many of the more popular themes, this new RoboCop also has a very current cut to it. Personally (and this is as a big fan of the original) I think it looks great. That’s not something I thought I’d be saying after seeing sneak peeks here and there, but I have to admit that director Jose Padilha looks to have done a bang up job with the source material.

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Whether it’ll manage to both make longtime fans of the character happy and ensnare new moviegoers remains to be seen, but we’ll find out when RoboCop hits the big screen (again) courtesy of MGM and Sony Pictures in February 2014.

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