First trailer for Jason Bourne arrives

Jason Bourne takes a nice drive through a casino in the first full trailer for the new film.

Still a ways off from hitting theaters this Summer,  former assassin Jason Bourne is nonetheless looking pretty great here in this first full trailer for the new film. This time around, Bourne remembers everything about his former life, though that’s probably not going to make things too much easier for him.

Facing off against a new foe (apparently anyway) played by Tommy Lee Jones, Bourne knows who he is, but there looks to be a lot more to the story that he doesn’t know. And that’s the impetus behind his latest quest to pull back the curtain a little more, and reveal the shadowy puppet masters behind the program he was a part of.

The fifth film in the series (if you count Jeremy Renner’s turn as a fellow asset), Jason Bourne looks a little different than its predecessors story-wise, though the action certainly feels just as fast and hard-hitting as what’s come before. Yes, actor Matt Damon is a little older, but this is one of his staple roles (if not his best-known work), and he looks right at home.

As a fan of the series already, I think it looks pretty nifty, and I can’t deny the cool-factor behind driving through a Las Vegas casino in an armored personal carrier. That’s just awesome.

Jason Bourne battles his way back into theaters this July the 29th.

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