First trailer for Telltale’s Fables debuts

The Wolf Among Us is looking dark, violent and absolutely spectacular. A follow-up to the The Walking Dead? Fables might just be even better.

Set prior to the events seen in the first issue of the FABLES comic book series, The Wolf Among Us puts players in the role of Bigby Wolf, a man once more infamously known as The Big Bad Wolf. Now the sheriff of a hidden community in New York City, exiled from the land of fairy tales, Bigby is tasked by the bureaucrat Snow White to keep order within a society of mythical creatures and characters trying to remain undetected in the world of the mundane. From a chain-smoking member of ‘The Three Little Pigs,’ to a car-stealing Mr. Toad itching for his next wild ride, The Wolf Among Us examines the lives of beings straight from the pages of myth and lore, now trying to survive on the meanest and most run-down streets of New York City.

I’m a pretty big comics reader, but I’ve never checked out DC Comics’ Fables. There’s no particular reason for that, it’s just one of those ‘things’ I guess, and the book never really caught my eye for whatever reason. That said, I’ve got an over whelming urge to download a few issues at present and see what I’ve been missing. The book tells the tale of fantasy characters living in the real world, but with all their special powers and abilities intact. It’s a great premise that’s ripe for a video game.

And Telltale Games looks to have once again adapted a comic in near perfect form, with deep storytelling and a serious sense of flair and authenticity. Fables (the comic) has taken home plenty of Eisner Awards including Best Writer, Best New Series, and Best Serialized Story – that last one was won a few times. With the pedigree that Telltale brings to the table having just come off of The Walking Dead season 1, it’ll be interesting to see just how many awards Fables takes home of the gaming variety when it’s season wraps up.

Fables: The Wolf Among Us is set to debut some time soon on the Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Mac. If you’re going to PAX though (August 30th – September 2nd), you can catch a glimpse early you luck dog… uh, wolf?

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