First Wasteland 3 dev diary shows character creation and more

Making its way through development is the third game in the Wasteland series. Check out the first developer diary showcasing its progress.

Developing the apocalypse

Somewhat quietly, Wasteland has made a nice little niche for itself once again in the gaming landscape. That’s after the original post-apocalyptic strategy game, the series made its triumphant return a few years back as a Kickstarter.

From that point it spawned a sequel, and now it’s about to roll into another. Wasteland 3 brings the temperature down a little from the previous 2 entries. And by that, I mean that you’ll be visiting the frozen tundra for part of the new adventure. Don’t worry though, it’s still the post-apocalypse, and still features what you’ve come to love about the series.

Set for release on August 28th, the game is blasting its way through development now, and the developer is giving fans a look behind the scenes. That includes a new dev diary series that’s just launched.

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The first video details character customization, and also the combat system. If you don’t know, Wasteland is a turn-based strategy series, but it’s one that’s pretty spectacular looking.

Check it out:

Hitting in August, Wasteland 3 is set to launch on the Xbox One, PS4, PC. It’s available for pre-order right now.

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