Forspoken: How to beat Senseless Savant

Forspoken: How to beat Senseless Savant

Forspoken How To Beat Senseless Savant Tanta Olas Green Magic Light Lightning Spells

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The Senseless Savant is the third major boss that you’ll face in Forspoken. This construct has a lot of tricks up its sleeves, including abilities that involve illusions. Here’s our Forspoken Senseless Savant boss guide to help you beat Tanta Olas’ lackey so you can obtain Green Magic Light Spells.

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Forspoken boss guide: How to beat Senseless Savant

The Senseless Savant boss fight in Forspoken takes place during Chapter 10. Frey will miraculously find herself back in New York, though she later realizes that it’s an illusion. You’ll then roam around the streets that are filled with enemy mobs spawned by lanterns. Destroy the lanterns to remove the barriers, allowing you to progress further. Eventually, Tanta Olas will chide you for your attempts, and you’ll have to face her minion, the Senseless Savant.

Phase 1

The Senseless Savant boss fight in Forspoken has two phases. During the first phase, you’ll fight the construct itself, which has the following abilities:

  • Shockwave – When you see a blue flash, sidestep to avoid the shockwave that travels along the ground.
  • Giga Orb – The boss will spawn a large electric orb that will constantly home in on your location. Keep running/dodging to steer clear of it.
  • Giga Barrier – This is an extremely deadly ability that you need to beware of. Basically, when the boss charges up and creates a large barrier around it, you must avoid going near. Otherwise, your health (and combo ranking) will gradually drop due to taking damage from the aura. Ideally, you’ll want to switch to ranged attacks (i.e., Shot, Blast Slice, or Bolt/Fan Bolt).
  • Teleport Slam – At around 60% health, your foe will periodically turn invisible, though its outline can be partially seen. Just press the dodge button when you see the blue flash to avoid its strike.

Phase 2

After depleting the boss’ HP bar, you’ll begin the second phase of the Senseless Savant boss fight in Forspoken. This time, it’ll summon two copies of itself, which will also use its moves. Yes, it’s possible to see a couple of Giga Orbs or Giga Barriers active at the same time if you’re unlucky. Also, you’ll need to take note of two certain abilities:

  • Clone Resummon – Even if you manage to take out a clone, that just grants a temporary respite. Your foe will still summon another one.
  • Thunderclap – Your opponent will periodically cause your character to be impaired. The screen will turn grey and the sound will be muted.

When do you get Green Magic?

In any case, once you beat Senseless Savant in Forspoken, you won’t actually gain access to Green Magic or Light Spells just yet. Instead, you’ll have to progress further until Chapter 11. We won’t spoil everything that happens therein due to important events. But, here’s the gist:

  • You’ll travel to Tanta Olas’ castle and throne room.
  • After the incident there, you’ll go through several portals to learn more about the past.
  • Eventually, you’ll fight a miniboss called the Beast (it’s weak against Earth/Purple Magic).
  • After defeating the Beast, you’ll unlock Tanta Olas’ spells/lightning skill tree.

Forspoken is available via Steam.

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