Forspoken: How to beat Tanta Sila

Forspoken How To Beat Tanta Sila Boss Guide

Forspoken How To Beat Tanta Sila Boss Guide

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Tanta Sila is one of the bosses that you’ll face in Forspoken. This murderous lady has gone on a rampage in Cipal, terrorizing its citizens and even killing an innocent child. Now, you’ve come to sate your vengeance and claim her power. Here’s our Forspoken Tanta Sila boss guide to help you beat this opponent to acquire the Red Magic Fire Spells.

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Forspoken boss guide: How to beat Tanta Sila

The Tanta Sila boss fight in Forspoken takes place in the castle of Praenost, all the way south of Cipal. You’ll go to that location during Chapter 5, whereupon you’ll clear the town and ramparts before entering the throne room. Inside, Tanta Sila will taunt you, and the battle will commence.

Phase 1

The Tanta Sila boss fight in Forspoken has multiple phases. During the first phase, she’ll have these abilities:

  • Fire Strikes – A three-hit combo with a flaming sword. You can dodge or back away while waiting for an opening.
  • Fireball Barrage – She’ll spew dozens of fireballs in your direction. You can avoid these by dodging or you can hide behind a pillar.

For the most part, this phase shouldn’t cause any issues since her attack sequence is fairly predictable. Your best bet is to simply use Shot as you’re moving around. When it’s off-cooldown, cast Bind, then charge your Burst Shot. Likewise, if you need healing, don’t forget to swap out Bind for Tendril.

Phase 2

At roughly 50% health, your opponent will switch to her second phase. The abilities from the previous phase are retained, and you’ll need to watch out for new stuff:

  • Soldiers of Praenost – At the start of this phase, she’ll summon half a dozen knights (and more will appear after you clear the first wave). The Bind plus Burst Shot combo works well here so you can knock down most of them, and you can follow up with a Killing Blow.
  • Flame Bomb – Several large fireballs will appear in mid-air, crashing down on your location and exploding.
Forspoken How To Beat Tanta Sila Boss Guide 2

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Phase 3

Once you’ve nearly depleted your target’s HP, another cutscene will play. She’ll transform into her corrupted version, which also fully replenishes her health bar. Phase 3 of the Tanta Sila boss fight in Forspoken will test your mettle and environmental awareness:

  • Sword Smash – Apart from a multi-hit combo, she’ll do a wind-up animation before pouncing on you with her blade.
  • Eruption – This is an unavoidable attack. Once you see glowing markers on the ground, move away since lava will erupt from those spots.
  • The Floor is Lava – You can consider this as her ultimate ability, as it’s also unavoidable. The entire arena will glow red, which means, you guessed it, “the floor is lava.” When this happens, immediately stop whatever you’re doing and hop on one of the stone ledges off to the side. If you’re standing on level ground, the lava will deplete your health and quickly drop your combo ranking. Wait for the red glow to dissipate, then get back on the ground. This ultimate is usually followed by a spell cast (i.e., Flame Bomb or Fireball Barrage), so you gotta get away from your current location.

Once you beat Tanta Sila in Forspoken, she’ll collapse and turn to ash. She’ll leave her cuff behind, causing her power to be absorbed. You’ll now gain access to Red Magic, the skill tree with Fire Spells.

Forspoken is available via Steam.

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