Fortnite is getting an Uncharted crossover

Fortnite is getting an Uncharted crossover

Hot on the heels of Uncharted getting made into a vaguely related movie that no one asked for, series’ characters, including Not Indiana Jones and British Pony-tailed Lady That Isn’t Lara Croft, are coming to the ever-expanding tween kill-fest of Fortnite. Twitter user Z0m6ieLeaks tweeted the trailer out earlier today, so now we have to talk about it, even though I’m assuming no one wants to. According to the tweet, the crossover should go live on February 17 at 7PM ET, so this is happening very soon. Presumably it’ll tie in with the movie starring Spider-Man and Brags-about-being-able-to-stop-horrible-disasters-man.

The announcement came alongside a trailer which gives us a pretty exact idea of what this crossover entails. Players will be able to get skins that bear the likenesses of Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer from the Uncharted movie, as well as ones that look like the characters from the games. I wonder which ones people will be more enthused about? The trailer is under thirty seconds long and mostly shows the characters running and shooting at things, which is appropriate considering that’s most of what Fortnite entails. Well, okay, for meFortnite mostly entails hiding for most of the match, only for someone to hunt you down and slaughter you towards the end, but, hey!


Uncharted is coming to Fortnite this week

In the event you’re not familiar with Uncharted, it’s a popular PlayStation series that puts players in the shoes of Nathan Drake, a guy that looks a lot like Nathan Fillion and also shoots hundreds and hundreds of people to death. He climbs things and looks for treasures too, but it’s mostly shooting, accompanied with a side of snark. While I doubt we’ll be getting much Nolan North-voiced snark, getting murdered by Nathan Drake in Fortnite will likely give people a taste of what his endless list of victims felt right before he terminated their lease on life.

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