Fortnite Rift Tour officially announced for August, multiple artists to perform

Fortnite Rift Tour officially announced for August, multiple artists to perform

Rack your weapons and crack some glowsticks, because Epic Games has a new music festival planned for its hit battle royale. The Fortnite Rift Tour was officially announced today, and it comes with Quests, rewards, and some yet-to-be detailed concerts from well known artists. The actual shows are still a little ways off, but you can start enjoying the event today.

If you’ve checked in over the last week or so, we actually covered a leak in regards to this very event. Ariana Grande is rumored to headline the Fortnite Rift Tour along with several other artists. We don’t have all of the details on them yet, but it appears it was too difficult to keep Ariana Grande’s appearance under wraps in the leadup to this show.


The concerts included in the Fortnite Rift Tour will take place in various sessions between August 6-8. You’ll be able to pick your preferred time slot, with a total of five different times available. You can see all of the times below, which we assume are based on US Eastern Time. Just as an added precaution, be sure to log in to the game to see if these times adjust to your time zone. Expect more details on August 2.

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You might be wondering why Epic can’t just run the event repeatedly over those days. Well, money is sure to be the answer. Even though Epic Games has more V-Bucks than you can count, the rights to artists like Ariana Grande don’t come cheap. Each showing likely adds to the cost. That’s how these things typically go from a legal standpoint.

Fortnite Rift Tour Ariana Grande Times

Grab some rewards

As mentioned, you’ll be able to do some special Quests leading up to the shows. These Quests are available now and can be found in a dedicated menu tab. You’ll receive a spray, emoticon, and loading screen at the very least for completing these. If you swing by the concert, you’ll likely get something to remember the experience as well.

Don’t let this event distract you too much. There are still aliens about, and it might just be a cover for some nefarious scheme.

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