Frank Miller’s Batman is latest DC Black & White statue

The legendary “armored” version of the Dark Knight is the latest in the long running series of Batman Black & White statues from DC Collectibles.

Ready for a fight

When you recall Frank Miller’s incredible 1986 miniseries The Dark Knight Returns, you automatically think of a few select scenes. The opening with Joker, the fight with the mutant leader in the mud-pit, and of course – the battle with Superman.

It’s that last scene that figures into the latest statue from DC Collectibles in their Batman Black & White line. The armored Batman is seen here in all his battle-ready glory, fully suited up and ready to combat the Man of Steel.

Stunningly, this is piece #101 in the line. It’s run for a while now, but it’s still kind of a shock to see it’s gotten that high in number. So far, we’ve seen statues made after Batman legends like Tim Sale, Jim Lee, Norm Breyfogle, and many others.

Miller is actually in with that lot as well. His unarmored Batman was a Black & White statue some time ago. So this is the second one of his designs to appear, fittingly placed to kick off the second hundred of what’s sure to be a whole bunch more statues to come.

Armored Batman by Frank Miller, Batman Black & White #101, will ship out in summer 2020.

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