Free trials for Final Fantasy XIV finally resume today

Free trials for Final Fantasy XIV finally resume today

Those who kept track of news surrounding the Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker expansion may remember the long queue times that plagued its launch. In short, Endwalker received so many players that they inadvertently overwhelmed the game’s servers, which led to Square Enix temporarily halting free trials and further sales of Final Fantasy XIV.

Naturally, these server issues gradually eased up, convincing Square Enix to resume sales of the game late last month. At the time, this did not coincide with a reversal of the company’s free trial suspension, but that finally changes today, according to an announcement by the official Final Fantasy XIV Twitter account.


What to expect in the free trial

Once new players register for the trial, they will get the opportunity to experience the entire base game as well as the Heavensward expansion without paying a cent. The content featured in these campaigns includes around 375 Main Story Quests alongside a whole host of trials, raids, and dungeons. Additionally, free trial players have access to a robust character customization system, PvP options, and the Gold Saucer amusement park. Those who want to learn more about all the features the free trial has to offer can take a look at this guide.

Square Enix’s decision to resume offers of its free trials comes as a welcome sign that the server issues that ravaged Final Fantasy XIV have mostly dissipated. Of course, there remains the possibility that the free trials will somehow contribute to another major instance of overcrowded servers, but for now, players have every reason to celebrate this.

The fact that the free trials contain such a staggering amount of content by themselves will make them appear all the more enticing to players. Those who are turned off by the idea of paying for a subscription but are otherwise interested in Final Fantasy XIV will have a major opportunity to see what the hype is all about.

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