Fresh Rune II update brings finishing moves and more

Fresh Rune II update brings finishing moves and more

Sharpen your axe, the norse-fueled action title known as Rune II is updating with some new combat elements, including brutal finishing moves.

Ludicrous gibs

The digital blood is set to flow thanks to Rune II’s latest update. Hot on the heels of the Ragnarok refresh, Rune II is getting even more improvements. This time the downloadable’s flashiest addition applies to the heat of battle, including those finishing attacks.

But the attacks themselves are just a part of the story. The game also now has tweaked the result of those blows, adding in more gore, more cleaved body parts, and even a chance of gibbing when using a blunt weapon. Yep, that’s right. That’s just how tough this game’s norsemen are, even their clubs sever limbs. The finishers though, are just a small part of what’s now in the game.

There’s also a monster host of improvements, based off of community response according to the developers. Enhancements to visuals and sound are on the menu, as are changes to the loot system, player movement, the UI and lots more.

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You can check out the full list of what’s been altered here on the game’s official page. Speaking of that official page, you’ll also find some details on the game’s sale prices, currently listed on the Epic Games Store on PC.

Every version of Rune II is on sale right now, through June 11th via Epic.

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