Frictional Games shows off gameplay from SOMA

The Amnesia creators give gamers a look at their take on sci-fi/horror with SOMA in the first gameplay trailer for the game.

Strange occurrences are disrupting the routines of the PATHOS-2 research facility. The radio is silent. Behavioral anomalies of the machines are increasingly dangerous, if not… malevolent. The facility is devolving into chaos. No weapons, and the only escape is practically unthinkable.

With both Penumbra and Amnesia to their credit, the guys at Frictional Games definitely know horror. High-tech, biomechanical stuff might be something new for them, but something tells me they know what to do with it. That trailer didn’t hurt either, with all manner of high-strangeness to go along with the tech.

The developer describes it as “entropic exploration of synapse and circuit that wades through the delusions of human consciousness”. In the works for three years, Frictional promises that the game will have no cutscenes or combat- this one’s all about the story.

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The most horrific part of SOMA might just be the wait though as the game isn’t expected to arrive for the PC and PS4 until 2015.

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