FromSoftware’s next game is already at the ‘final stages’ of production, Elden Ring updates on the way

Elden Ring update 1.04.1 fixes Malenia's lifesteal attacks in co-op

Last week, famed director of most Soulsy games, Hidetaka Miyazaki, sat down with Japanese website 4Gamer (translation via Gematsu) to discuss Elden Ring updates and the next game for FromSoftware. It was a revealing interview, but Miyazaki kept many of the major details close to his chest. In short, yes, there will be more reason’s to return to Elden Ring. And FromSoftware is in the “final stages” of its next, big release.

As mentioned in the interview, there are several games FromSoftware is currently working on. One of which, Miyazaki says is “currently in the final stages.” The director himself also mentions that he’s currently working away on another game as director. Miyazaki clearly didn’t spend a lot of time kicking up his feet after Elden Ring‘s February launch. His next game will still be in the realm of fantasy, but with a twist.


“I’m already working on my next title as a director, so I’d like to avoid giving too much away there,” he told 4Gamer. “In the mid-to-long term, I would like to work on a more abstract fantasy than anything we’ve done in the past.”

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Elden Ring will get updates… soon

What is abstract fantasy, you may ask? Well, it’s like fantasy, but a little odd. Think “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” — grounded in some reality, but a bit twisted. Swords and sorcery can fit into the mix, but the general tone is hard to define (such is the way with “abstract”).

On the topic of FromSoftware and Miyazaki’s latest success story, the director confirmed that more updates are heading to Elden Ring. It’s expected, of course. Most Souls games by the company have received story DLC and expansions, many of which were well received. We’ve already imagined what could be next for Elden Ring. There’s a lot of potential to be found in its open world. In the interview, Miyazaki said the team will “continue releasing updates for Elden Ring.” However, he can’t “share any details yet.”

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