Furi Onnamusha DLC adds a new playable character

Furi Onnamusha DLC adds a new playable character

Furi caught the attention of quite a few players when it released in the summer of 2016. This unique action game combined bullet hell action with fast-paced beat ’em up combat to create a boss rush-type experience with plenty of style and challenge. Although the base experience remained fairly short, it became popular enough to receive two extra bosses on top of the original 10. For a while, it seemed like that these DLC bosses represented all of the extra content Furi would receive, but it turns out that the developers have cooked up one more gift for fans in the form of the Onnamusha DLC.

A recent update on Steam explains why the developers chose to add more content to the game after so many years. They explained that fans expressed a desire to play Furi again as if they played it for the first time. This led to the developers brainstorming over how they could recreate that sense of discovery for players, with the Onnamusha DLC representing the final result of their deliberation.


What does the DLC include?

The DLC allows players to control Onnamusha Rider, a new character who boasts two stances that players can switch between. One stance emphasizes speed, whereas the other centers around raw power. With these two playstyles, Onnamusha Rider can build up a special Star meter for extra damage. Even though she fights the same bosses as before, her unique kit introduces new challenges that make the experience of taking them all down again feel fresh.

In addition to the Onnamusha DLC, the developers will implement an update for Furi that allows newer players to experience all of the post-launch additions, including the paid One More Fight DLC, for free. Come May 17, these updates will make Furi more robust and accessible than ever, although that does not necessarily mean that players will have an easy time beating it.

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