Game of Thrones episode 2 slices into consoles and mobiles

Telltale Games’ second episode of their Game of Thrones series is now available for your console of choice, with a mobile version due out tomorrow.

Episode 2, The Lost Lords, certainly does look to pick up the action a bit from the first go-around for Telltale’s newest series. Based on the events that play out in the HBO TV adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s book series, the game follows House Forrester, which isn’t one of the bigger families and doesn’t appear in the series normally.  In that way, it’s a nice little fresh start for Game of Thrones fans, as they can experience a fresh (relatively anyway) view on the War of the Five Kings, which wrapped up last season.

Of course, whether any members of House Forrester actually live to see the break of the upcoming 5th season of the show remains to be seen, as GoT has a habit of ending lives… especially of characters that I like. But I digress.

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Game of Thrones, episode 2, is now available on the PlayStation and Xbox family of consoles and hits iOS and Android tomorrow, February 5th.

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