Gamescom 15: Battle alongside a dragon in Scalebound

Platinum Games’ Scalebound features a massive beastie that you’ll battle alongside and even fly on the back of. Oh, and you can also transform into a dragon-man.

More from the Xbox briefing at Gamescom today, as action developer extraordinaire Platinum Games (Bayonetta) gave gamers and attendees a solid look at Scalebound. The game looks fantastic visually, and feels like something pretty different thanks to the fact that you can actually fight alongside of a monstrous dragon.

You buddy can accept commands, tearing down structures and enemies (some of which are pretty kaiju-esque themselves) and generally toasting everything in sight. We also saw footage of flight segments, though it’s a little hazy as to whether you’ll actually get to play any of that, or if it’s all just cut-scene stuff.

As for the gameplay, you know what to expect from Platinum- tons of fast-as-lightening action, this time punctuated with swordplay galore. You can also morph into a dragon-man… thing in this one, and gain extra powerful attacks as you’ll have to tackle giant monsters too, not just leave ’em to your scaly pal.

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No release date for Scalebound as of yet, but the Xbox One exclusive is looking sharp as a dragon’s tooth so far.

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