Gamescom 15: Just Cause 3 burns up consoles and PC’s this Holiday

Insane action and stunts are once again in the cards for Rico as Just Cause 3 is set to arrive this Holiday Season.

What’s that? I can’t hear you, I’m too busy hanging upside down under a helicopter. And flying on a burning gas canister.

Oh how I missed the complete insanity of Just Cause. Good thing the series returns in a few months, and looks just as nutty as ever, as evidenced in the trailer above. Hitting the web fresh from Gamescom, which is currently ongoing, the video shows a little bit of one of the game’s missions in action.

Rico is not he bad side of Dictator General Di Ravello in the segment, and find himself rushing to the aid of the rebels in Costa Del Porto, who are being targeted by an army… of tanks. Yep, it’s crazy and that’s why pretty much everybody digs Just Cause.

Also kind of cool, as you might have seen at the end of the above vid, is that the second game in the trilogy is coming along for the ride on the Xbox One as a freebie that’s loaded with JC3. Not too shabby there, as that’s a pretty phenomenal time as well.

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As for when all this arrives on the Xbox One, the PS4, and on “high-end” PCs, well that’d be December 1st. What better way to welcome in the Holidays than with a little bit of mayhem?

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