Gamescom 15: Slice and dice behind the scenes of Hellblade

Ninja Theory’s newest is looking sharp as a finely crafted blade in this behind the scenes video.

So, aside from just looking flat-out gorgeous even at this early stage, Hellblade’s story will also play out in a pretty different way for a video game. Heroine Senau’s mental state, in the wake of a Viking invasion of her Celtic homeland, is apparently less than… stable.

And that should make for a pretty interesting story line, provided it’s well done, as there’s really nothing like that in gaming. Oh sure, there are plenty go games that feature off-kilter heroes, but none that do so with a serious eye towards something like post-traumatic stress.

Looking very interesting so far, Hellblade is one to keep an eye on as we creep ever closer to it’s 2016 release for the PS4 and PC.

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