Gamescom 15: Star players make all the difference in Blood Bowl 2

From the super-strong, to the swift and agile, having a star player on your squad in Blood Bowl 2 can make all the difference between a cakewalk of a season and a slog. Be warned though, they come at a hefty price.

Just like in real sports of all kinds, star players in Blood Bowl 2 are not easy to come by, cost a small fortune to retain, and can turn the tide of the most dismal of seasons. As you saw in the trailer too, these gridiron celebrities are true mercenaries as well, working for the highest bidder.

And unlike their real-world, pro-sports opposites, these guys and gals will only join up with your squad for one match. Though, again, just one of them could mean a win in your column, so you might want to save up those in-game winnings.

They’re just one of the new elements that makes Blood Bowl 2 such a big upgrade over the original too, with plenty more including the new graphics and commentary system, which is light better than the old one. Remember too, that if you pre-order the game now via PS4 or Xbox One, you’ll get either the Wood Elves or the Lizardmen as a free addition to the stable of teams.

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Ordering on PC? Then you get your pick of the two, and access to the Multiplayer beta. That starts in a few weeks by the way, and is timed to hit right before the final version of the game does, on September 22nd.

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