Gamescom 2014: Watch 8 minutes of Quantum Break gameplay

August 12, 2014
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Remedy’s Quantum Break for the Xbox One finally got some more screen time at this morning’s Gamescom press event, and the cover-shooter is looking extremely impressive.

What immediately popped into my head (other than the obvious Gears of War cover element) is the fact that Quantum Break’s time-play is way more than just Max Payne’s focus seeming to slow down the seconds to get in a few shots. Here you can not only slow, but stop time completely and in select areas for desired effect.

I love the idea of stopping time and then switching cover too and the rippling effects themselves are fantastic looking. In fact, the whole game is looking pretty phenomenal at this point. Although you could clearly tell this this one is still a work in progress (did you notice the flicker on the shadow effect after the gas tank blew?), Quantum Break is shaping up to be absolutely gorgeous and a fresh take on the cover-shooter sub-genre.

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Look for it on the Xbox One some time next year.

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