Gamescom 2015: Crackdown 3 blows everything to smithereens

The third game in the open world Crackdown series is set to be the most destructive ever. That’s especially true in its multiplayer mode, which allows you to level the entire city.

Boom, now that’s destruction. It’s only too bad that the completely and utter leveling of the entire sandbox city is a multiplayer-only thing. You need to be connected to Microsoft’s cloud computing service to make it work since there’s a ton and a half of computational power that has to go into being able to allowing you to break everything in the game.  Of course, if it was available in the campaign then you’d be required to be online through the single-player experience, and we all know how that turned out when Microsoft tried that the first time.

In any event though, Crackdown 3 is looking every bit the follow-up that fans could have hoped for, with fresh graphics (and a slightly different look), new stuff to do and play around with, and as few changes to the core gameplay as possible. Seriously, there’s nothing wrong with the formula, it doesn’t need a revamp and I’m happy that Microsoft isn’t trying to force something new on fans.

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Orbs, super-powers, blowing stuff to little pieces. Yep, that’s Crackdown alright. The multiplayer demo kicks off for the game next Summer, which is entirely too long to wait. Presumably that’s the first time you’ll get to taste the city-leveling power of the cloud out. As for the actual release, I’d bet on fairly soon afterwords. Holiday 2016 perhaps?

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