Gamescom 2018: New trailer for The Sinking City seeps out

You might not have heard of The Sinking City, but the latest trailer for the horror game makes it look like a pretty incredible Cthulhu-powered, mind-bending romp.

Death May Die

Well, that was plenty weird. It looks kind of great too, with both a BioShock-like feel and some truly disturbing themes. It’s also got a story that sounds even better than the game looks.

The main character is one Charles Winfield Reed, a former sailor who was assigned to the USS Cyclops. Do you recognize that name? If you do, then you’re familiar with the real-world conspiracy theory that’s actually a part of the game’s narrative. The Cyclops, it is said, vanished as a part of an invisibility experiment, only it didn’t just disappear. Instead, it traveled somewhere else. When it reappeared, the crew was almost all dead, and the living were insane. Creepy story, no?

That’s the backdrop for The Sinking City, as Mr. Reed ventures to a half-flooded town called Oakmont, in Massachusetts. Reed is beset with terrifying visions that compel him there, though they might not be simple dreams. As you can see from that trailer, they just might be due to the “evil” that the locals now say lurks beneath the waves. I’m actually betting on that last part.

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Set for release on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC, The Sinking City is creeping towards a March 21st, 2019 release.

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