Gamescom: New Need for Speed Rivals trailer is all action

For a racing game, EA’s newest Need for Speed looks like it has a whole lot of action.

The big feature of Rivals is actually the new AllDrive mode. In AllDrive, you basically have a game that melds single and multiplayer into one. You can joined at any time by other racers and, as EA points out, be automatically connected to your buddy’s ‘racing world’.

It’s pretty impressive sounding stuff and it’d definitely change the landscape of racers if all goes as promised. It looks like there’s a decent amount of focus on action this time around for the franchise too, which definitely might work to make NfS more appealing to those who normally don’t buy into drive-centric titles.

Check out Need for Speed Rivals when it hits shelves on November 19th in North America and on the 21st in Europe for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Xbox One and PS4 editions on the way as well, but there’s no firm date to report on those as of yet.

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