Gamescom: New Skylanders Swap Force characters announced

Activision announced a quartet of new Skylanders today for the upcoming Swap Force including a pair of new ‘core’ characters.

The new Swap-pers are called Boom Jet and Grilla Drilla and look to be some pretty interesting characters. Boom Jet glides through Skylands on his prop-engine while Grilla Drilla just likes to monkey around in the dirt.

As opposed to Boom Jet and Grilla Drilla, the other two Skylanders announced today aren’t Swap Force members. Slobber Tooth and Zoo Lou are ‘core’ characters, so they’re more like the standard Skylanders that you’re used to- which doesn’t mean they’re not pretty cool in their own rights.

I can tell you right now that Zoo Lou is going to be one of my favorites. He has an almost He-Man character look to him that’s just awesome. And you have to love those energy steeds he makes.

Developer Vicarious Visions’ take on the franchise, Skylanders Swap Force will be out on October 13th for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Wii U and 3DS. Xbox One and PS4 versions are also planned and should be on store shelves around the consoles release dates in November.

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