Gamescom: Super Mario 3D World footage

It seems like it’s been an eternity since we last saw some new gameplay footage of Nintendo‘s upcoming Mario game, Super Mario 3D World.

If you’ve  been thirsting for more videos of Mario goodness like I have, then this ought to tide you over for a little bit. Here we see world 4-2, this time with Luigi soloing in this playthrough of the demo. True to the spirit of Super Mario Bros 2, Luigi controls just like he did in 1988; his jump has considerable height, and he floats in the air by wiggling his legs frantically.

In this stage you travel around through transparent pipes, and you can divert your path by pressing the D-pad in the direction of the pipe that you want to travel in. There are some hazards along the way, such as spike balls and trails of fuzzies traveling through the pipe system. You can also collect some green stars on your way, but there is a bit of a risk considering some of them are surrounded by hazards. Besides the transparent pipes there are hordes of piranha plants on the outside that try to attack you. It’s really neat seeing what Nintendo did with this mechanic, and it looks to be a feature that will continue to resurface in other levels of the game.

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Super Mario 3D World will arriving on the Wii U this holiday.


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