GamesRadar Weekly Roundup: 11/05/2013

This week we look at some of the negative aspects of gaming (in a somewhat humorous light), and we set our gaze to the future of a galaxy far, far away.

First up is GamesRadar’s “Most Hateful Things We’ve Done In Games”. Their editors are a bunch of psychopaths (in a good way), and their methods for torturing their poor digital victims is cruel, unusual, and brilliant. Some of these are pretty funny, like filling a Skyrim home with carrots or pushing a girlfriend off the end of a skyscraper in GTA IV only to have her call you the next day like nothing happened (together…forever…). Others are pretty sadistic, like trapping a man in a bathroom full of windows in the middle of the living room and letting his sim family watch him die. It’s all in good fun though; those Sims totally deserve it.

Next up is the 12 Gamers We Hating Playing With. This factual, serious article is rife with pointers on how not to behave when gaming. To summarize: don’t mouth breathe like a dying asthmatic (get a bloody inhaler if you need it), don’t start learning to play if it’s going to affect the enjoyment of others (practice mode is a much better environment to learn in anyways), and just be respectful and kind even if you’re anonymous online.

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That last part seems to be a very basic rule of human decency that a lot of people seem to forget. Do your part, and make gaming a more sociable experience for everyone!

Lastly, we have news that EA has signed an exclusive deal with Disney to make all of their Star Wars games, which means that right now many people are facepalming and crying into their pillows. But take a moment to think long and hard about how many good studios haven’t suffered the taint of their slavemasters EA? Maxis (let’s just forget about SimCity okay?) is awesome, as is Visceral. I’m personally iffy on Bioware from a business perspective, but it could just be the MMO scene itself having been the issue; Bioware does make great games. We really aren’t in bad hands, despite the proof. All it takes now is for EA to set some of those really excellent developers to task, and we have nothing to worry about…except launch day.

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That’s it for this week. Stay classy!


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