GamesRadar Weekly Roundup: 26/04/2013

This week we have FPS’ on the brain, as well as news that Nintendo is pulling out of E3’s big 3 press conference lineup.

It seems that Nintendo isn’t going to have a big flashy press conference, and while everyone is scared or worried for Big N, I feel the exact opposite.

It’s a smart move: instead of wasting money vainly trying to pull attention away from two major console reveals, the company is instead waiting out the hype-storm. If there’s no chance of winning, and losing will hurt them even worse, why even play?

Nintendo bigwigs are making a very strategic move here: once all of the craziness from the console reveals is over, they can return next year (or at the next big press event) and tout all of their big software releases. Hell, it could even just be bad timing, and they have a bunch of software currently in development.

A couple of upcoming pokemon titles and a new Mario and Luigi game don’t exactly bring confidence against a PS4 and Xbox720 reveal.

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Both Battlefield and Call of Duty have new games coming out in the near future.

BF4 is apparently going to be released late October (it’s unconfirmed, so I won’t read too much into it), and it’s improved practically everything people disliked about BF3. As for CoD: Ghosts, it’s being developed by Infinity Ward (interesting…), and will be coming out for current-gen consoles.

Beyond that, we can only hope that lessons can be learned from what players loved and hated about the Black Ops and and Modern Warefare series; this could very well be a departure from those series, and will bring something new to the table. I don’t like FPS games all that much anymore, for precisely the same reason that I’m excited for these titles: FPS games usually tend to be same-y, and it gets really boring following a prompt from one fight to the next.

I want more big setpiece battles, more of those interesting mini-game-style breaks in the shooting (helicopter rides with railguns, firing missiles on strategic locations, etc), and a bloody storyline I can actually care about.

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First Person Shooting and Nintendo, not two things that usually go together- but that’s it for this week from GamesRadar. We’ll see you back here next Saturday for more!

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