GameStick announces custom controller App for smartphones

Don’t like the standard GameStick controller, but still want to play your games on the big screen? PlayJam has you covered with an App that’ll make your phone into a custom controller.

So not only can you, as a developer, allow for custom controller layouts for your game, but you can even create a controller like the one described for Angry Birds that costumers would normally have to pay for. That’s just neat. Once the App finds and communicates with the GameStick ‘controller’ it automatically loads up the appropriate controller for whatever game you’re playing too- so there’s no fussing over loading a template or something equally annoying.

Also very cool is that gamers with a phone automatically have a second controller for the GameStick without needing to buy one. PlayJam’s little Kickstarted console is looking like it has a lot going for it so far, but it has run into a few little stumbling blocks along the way to gamers. GameStick’s actually missed it’s June release date after missing a previous date as well.

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As of now, PlayJam is still maintaining that the GameStick should be on target for a late Summer/early Fall launch, so stay tuned for that. The App mentioned here will be a free download for both Android and iOS (which is a little nutty since GameStick is Android based).

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