GameStick gets descriptive in new trailer

One of the new ‘micro-consoles’ coming to market in the near future, the GameStick from PlayJam sends Android games to the big screen in HD.

PlayJam looks like it’s got something very interesting on its hands with the GameStick. It’s hard not to like that controller and the whole aesthetic of the device has a really mod coolness about it.

Of course, the key to success is going to be the same as any other console- the games that it’ll run. Shadowgun and the like are good starts, but PlayJam will have to make sure developers keep ’em coming on a regular basis and that they offer more than just ‘play on a TV’ as a hook. Some exclusive titles would help in that regard, but I’m getting ahead of myself (not to mention PlayJam) as the GameStick isn’t even out as of yet.

The launch of the GameStick has been pushed back from its original late April date to July, so if you’d like to get in on it and preorder one for yourself you’ve still got time. To do just that, or just take a closer look, click here.

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