Gear.Club Unlimited goes tabletop in new Switch gameplay video

The only “realistic” racer in the works for the Nintendo Switch, Gear.Club Unlimited shows off its tabletop mode in this new trailer.


I still don’t know where the negativity comes from with Gear.Club Unlimited. The game actually looks pretty sharp on the Switch, especially so in the console’s handheld and tabletop modes. And let’s be honest, split-screen play is a very nice addition, and one that you don’t see all that often.

Personalyl, I’m not much of a racing fan, but Gear.Club Unlimited looks like fun and seems to offer a lot. That includes customization, so this isn’t just a run of the milll “arcade” racer that has no depth. Actually it kind of seems like there’s a fair bit to do in it.

Here’s the bullet list

  • More than 30 vehicles from 16 official manufacturers
  • A campaign mode with progressive difficulty
  • Over 430 races and 200 tracks
  • 2 race modes: Derby and Time Trial
  • 2 types of tracks: Asphalt and Rally
  • Performance shop: a fully personalized garage where players can customize and improve their vehicles thanks to the 7 workshops available
  • Split-screen Multiplayer mode:  race and compete with up to 4 players thanks to split-screen mode on TV or Nintendo Switch tablet.
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All that said, don’t get me wrong. I do get that this is an expansion of mobile game property. But if it looks good… well then it looks good. Who really cares what it’s based on? …If you get my drift. Sorry.

Gear.Club Unlimited is set to arrive on Nintendo’s Switch this November the 21st in the US and on December 1st in the Europe.

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