Gears of War celebrates 1st decade with upcoming book

The first 10 years of Gears of War included some of the best action titles of all time. Udon is set to celebrate that with a brand new book this summer.

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Gears of War redefined action games for many gamers, and fast became one of the biggest series’ on Xbox. In some ways it even eclipsed the Microsoft mainstay Halo.

Gears presented a world that was grittier, bloodier, and more violent than the Xbox’ standard bearer. Originally from Epic (now The Coalition), Gears rivaled Halo in terms of popularity in its first decade.

That ten year period come to a close with a fourth game in 2016. It’s the beginning of the second story arc will be the subject of Udon’s newest tome.

Gears Of War: Retrospective – The First Ten Years will dig into Gears’ history, but not all of it. You won’t find anything on the upcoming Gears 5, hitting this year, in this one. This is purely the first decade of action.

Although it took six years to develop the first GEARS OF WAR, Gies says the team involved, “remembers it as one of the best experiences of their careers. It was a chance to make something they believed in, something they knew had moved the needle of the console business in profound ways in addition to being a great, new kind of game. It changed a lot of lives – those of the people who made it, and in many cases, the people who played it.”

Udon press release

From writer Arthur Gies, the book will clock in at 256 pages and be presented in full hardcover format. Watch for Gears Of War: Retrospective – The First Ten Years to hit retail shelves on July 16th. It’ll run you $49.99 USD.

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