Gears of War’s IDW debut is already a sell-out

Just hitting stores as of last week, Gears of War’s IDW launch is set to be a successful one. The book has sold out at the distributor level, and will be getting a second printing.

The COG must be happy

Gears is a massive franchise for Microsoft at this point, including much more than just video games. There are Gears action figures, a Gears board game, and -once again- Gears comics. For those who might’ve missed them, Gears of War comics aren’t new.

The IP was licensed by Wildstorm for several years. That book presented a tale set between the original Gears game and its sequel. Now though, it’s in new hands, and being run by the folks at IDW. They have a penchant for crafting books based on existing entertainment properties, and look to be doing a pretty good job with this one too.

I feel pretty comfortable saying that since the first issue is landing at retail now, and has sold through at the distributor. While that might mean that a first-run copy could be tough to come by though, don’t lose heart if you want one.

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IDW has already confirmed that the number one will be heading back to the press for a second printing.

“Couldn’t be more thrilled with the response to this series,” said IDW Senior Editor Denton Tipton. “Between the engrossing storytelling of Kurtis and Max bringing his A-game visuals to this series, the whole team has earned this victory and we’re very proud of the results. We hope we can get it into as many fans’ hands as possible!”

“The response from comic book and Gears of War fans has been amazing. I can’t wait for comic book fans to return to Sera in this series and discover the origins of one of the biggest and baddest of them all – General RAAM.  For the Queen!” said Rod Fergusson, Studio Head at The Coalition.

Can’t get too much better than that. Look for the second printing of Gears of War: The Rise of RAAM #1 to hit comic shops on February 21st. That’s also the day of issue 2’s release, FYI.

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