Gears V OST coming to vinyl in 2020

The sweeping original soundtrack from The Coalition’s latest Gears of War title is on the way to vinyl, courtesy of Laced Records.

Break the chains

Busting loose from the game of the same name is the soundtrack for Gears V. If you’re a fan of the long running action series, this presents a unique option. Believe it or not, this is the very first time that a Gears soundtrack has made its way to vinyl.

The records come courtesy of publisher Laced Records. And if that name sounds familiar, it should. They’ve got a solid history with titles like Mega Man, Resident Evil: Code Veronica, Borderlands, and more.

As for Gears V, it boasts a total of 18 tracks and a pair of editions. So it’s a soundtrack that fans and record collectors alike will want to have a peek at.

Across 18 tracks, Game of Thrones and Iron Man composer Ramin Djawadi deftly blends a heavyweight Hollywood sound with impassioned melodies, bringing to life Kait’s journey across the icy wastes and dusty deserts of Gears 5. The soundtrack features a varied mixture of orchestral textures, huge-sounding percussion, and atmospheric electronic sounds. 

Specially remastered for vinyl, the Gears 5 OST will be pressed to 180g heavyweight vinyl; the Standard Edition will feature traditional black discs, while the Limited Edition, exclusive to the Laced Records store, features transparent red and transparent orange discs. Both editions sport a deluxe gatefold sleeve featuring striking original artwork by UK based designer, Luke Preece.

Laced Records

Pre-orders for both records are open right now and can be placed here, in Laced’s website. Both versions are priced in at $35 USD, which is a good deal less than many of the company’s offerings.

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