Generations: Phoenix & Jean Grey (Comics) preview

Generations: Phoenix & Jean Grey (Comics) preview

Marvel’s mightiest (current) mutant telepath goes back in time to meet her older self in Generations: Phoenix & Jean Grey. It makes sense, trust me.

The Phoenix Force

Any X-fan worth a salt knows all about the Phoenix Force. It’s a malevolent cosmic entity, drawn to X-Man Jean Grey because of her natural abilities. The Phoenix famously enveloped Jean more than once, leading to her temporary demise.

So what happens when a chronologically displaced, younger version of Ms. Grey is tossed through the time-stream to meet her older self (in the past)? Well it could really go either way I guess.

Check out our preview of the upcoming, probably Legacy-related, book below. Then watch for it on the stands on August 9th.

A teenage girl meeting her future self – it all begins at the Vanishing Point, where past and present and now future collide for epic and game-changing adventures in this story of the GENERATIONS!

Teenage Jean Grey is willing to do whatever it takes to avoid the fate that befell her predecessor. But when Jean is cast through time and comes face-to-face with the newly possessed Phoenix, will she find the key to saving herself…or learn that her fate is sealed? But what Universe changing events will be witnessed on the final pages of this story?!

It’s the story that hints at what’s to come for Phoenix and Jean Grey, and you don’t want to miss this issue. Available in comic shops on August 9th!

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