Genesis Does in new trailer for the Mini

Sega’s Genesis is a whopping 30 years old and Sega is celebrating with a mini. Check out the latest trailer, complete with classic tag line. Sort of.

Genesis does…

I think most fans probably know the classic Genesis ad line from the early 90s (if I remember correctly), “Genesis Does what Nintendon’t”. Featured in a series of ads, the slogan not only put Sega over, but also slammed their chief competition, in a fun kind of way of course.

Now here in the 30th year of the console’s life, Sega’s dropped the last half of the slogan (probably because they work with Nintendo regularly now). But nevertheless, it’s still kind of cool to hear it again, here in this new trailer for the upcoming Sega Genesis Mini.

Fun stuff there, and a pretty great little console too. The Genesis Mini is packed with 40 games, plus 2 “bonus titles”, and they are top notch. If you’re looking for a best of the best as to what the console offered in its heyday, this is more or less it. Check out the listing here.

Also, Sega has a little promo running right now, where they’d like to hear your Sega Genesis stories. Click here for that. The Genesis Mini lands on store shelves this September 19th.

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