Genshin Impact: forging guide and weapon crafting

Genshin Impact: forging guide and weapon crafting

Genshin Impact lets you craft a myriad of different types of items from materials found in the game world. In the game, you can craft weapons, materials, ingredients, food, and potions. Today’s guide will focus on the first of those items: weapons. We have several other guides you can check in the main Genshin Impact guide hub, including one on cooking specifically.

To craft weapons, you need to visit the blacksmith Wagner in Mondstadt. He is located to the left of the city gates when you enter. Later in the game, you will also encounter Master Zhang in Liyue Harbor who can also forge weapons. Since most of the game’s actions take place in Mondstadt however, we will refer just to Wagner for simplicity.

To have him forge a weapon, you, of course, need the proper ingredients as well as time and mora (the in-world currency of the game). Each item you forge costs a certain amount of real-world time and mora, and multiple items will stack these values. For example, forging an enhancement ore, one of the main items used to enhance weapons, costs three seconds and five mora. If you forge 10 enhancement ores, it will cost 30 seconds and 50 mora.

Genshin Impact forging guide

  • The most important part of any recipe: the ingredients
  • What exactly can you make with this stuff?
  • Forge queues, enhancing, and refining (making your weapons extra shiny and sharp)

On the first page, we will cover what items can be used to forge weapons and where to find them.

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