Genshin Impact — How to use the Bokuso Box

Genshin Impact — How to use the Bokuso Box

The Three Realms Gateway Offering event is now live in Genshin Impact. And it also brings a new toy that you can play with known as the Bokuso Box. This gadget will be of much use as you try to pierce through the darkness of Enkanomiya. Here’s our Genshin Impact Bokuso Box guide to help you with the use of this gadget and how to recharge it.

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Genshin Impact guide – How to use the Bokuso Box

The Bokuso Box in Genshin Impact is handed to you by Tsumi fairly early on in the Three Realms Gateway Offering quest chain. She also tells you about the towers that you need to reach in the far corners of Enkanomiya. However, these places are now shrouded in Corrosion, a darkness that will debilitate and debuff your characters the longer you stay in those areas.

Genshin Impact Bokuso Box 1

However, as long as you’ve got the Bokuso Box equipped via the gadgets menu, it should protect you from the effects of Corrosion. But, its power will get drained over time and through various uses.

For example, there are enemies shrouded in darkness (i.e., there are dark purple flames around them). Even if you’ve fully depleted their HP, they simply won’t die. But, if you equip the Bokuso Box and press the “Z” key, it’ll remove their invulnerability.

Genshin Impact Bokuso Box 2a

Other examples include removing the seals from teleporters, but you do need to acquire Apothium Ores and Tokoyo Legumes to reactivate them. Thankfully, you will see these collectibles on the minimap as long as the Bokuso Box is equipped.

Lastly, there are challenge markers and treasure chests that might be inaccessible due to the darkness. By activating the Bokuso Box, you’ll be able to interact/open them normally.

Genshin Impact Bokuso Box 2b

Recharging the Bokuso Box

There are a few ways to recharge the Bokuso Box. The most obvious one is by fast traveling back to the Statue of the Vassals found on the central island (the only one not affected by Corrosion). The Recuperate option fills up the Bokuso Box’s light to its maximum amount (which is 300 by default).

Gen Pct Bksbx Gd 1

The two other methods are interacting with Light Conches and gathering Coral Butterflies. The Light Conches are just the larger shells with a glow (seen above). As for the Coral Butterflies, they will flutter away as soon as you get too close, so you might want to bring Sayu along to avoid scaring them automatically. Still, these methods only offer a temporary respite and minor recharge, so you’d really need to return to the statue from time to time.

Note: The Bokuso Box can also be upgraded, allowing you to earn rewards and new arts buffs.

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