Genshin Impact: Special Sampling Points guide

Genshin Impact: Special Sampling Points guide

There are a few more tasks that are part of the Shadow of the Ancients event in Genshin Impact. Once you’ve completed the Data Sampling activities in the four original locations, you’ll notice that there are two additional spots that we can visit. Here’s our Genshin Impact Shadow of the Ancients Day 2 – Data Sampling guide to help you with the Special Sampling Points.

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Genshin Impact: Shadow of the Ancients event guide (Day 2) – Data Sampling and Special Sampling Points

The two Special Sampling Points in Genshin Impact are found in Dragonspine and Guyun Stone Forest. Just open the event panel and click on the icon on the bottom-left corner to see these areas. Then, click on the compass icon so you can see them on the map. When you reach those areas, your initial goal is to use Ayesha’s Chaos Prospector to reveal a glowing marker. Once you interact with this marker, it turns into the Data Sampling and Pursina’s Spikes activity.


This secluded area has a couple of torches and braziers, so you don’t need to worry too much about Sheer Cold. As for the glowing marker, it’s near the dilapidated boat.

The Hilichurl and Mitachurl mobs that you’ll face during the Data Sampling challenge tend to have Cryo shields, so make sure you’ve got characters that can destroy their defenses. Likewise, don’t forget to use Electro characters to keep the Pursina’s Spikes charged up. We recommend having Fischl in your party since Oz and her aimed shots can keep those altars electrified.

Guyun Stone Forest

The event icon is found on an island, and the glowing marker itself is near the center. The enemies that you’ll battle here tend to include an Electro Cicin Mage and Pyro Abyss Mage. They can quickly whittle down the HP of the Pursina’s Spikes, so try to defeat them quickly.

After clearing both locations, you’ll receive mystic enhancement ores and mora. That’s it, you’re done with the Data Sampling and Special Sampling Points activity in Genshin Impact. Just check back after a couple of daily resets once the Live Testing stage becomes available.

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