Genshin Impact to possibly get fishing in Version 2.1, alongside other leaks

Genshin Impact to possibly get fishing in Version 2.1, alongside other leaks

No online game is complete without the addition of fishing, and Genshin Impact is getting the ever-important mechanic soon. The ability to obtain and collect aquatic creatures is a staple for many RPG games, so it’s about time that Genshin players get the ability to fish.

Fishing is just the cherry on top of a long list of other leaks by relatively reputable leakers. However, miHoYo has not formally confirmed any of these leaks, so take them with a grain of salt. If you aren’t into leaks or spoilers, now’s the time to turn away.


Fishing time

Every good game needs a fishing mechanic and Genshin is no exception. Images posted onto the /r/genshin_impact_leaks subreddit all but confirmed the minigame’s arrival. From the images, it appears we’ll simply need to time our cast in a certain window. The difficulty and random mechanics for catching fish are hard to gauge, though.

Perhaps unrelated to the fishing game, but still surely fish-related, is a new gag weapon coming to Genshin Impact. An event will reportedly hand out a new claymore that’s themed after a mighty, powerful tuna. Yes, a fish-claymore named the “Luxurious Sea-Lord” is possibly arriving on the next update. It would increase your elemental burst damage by a certain amount, as well as summon “a titanic tuna” to deal large AoE damage. The weapon is honestly quite good for what it is, and you’ll definitely see me outfitting my claymores with this large fish if it arrives.

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Watatsumi Island and Seirai Island are other areas possibly arriving in 2.1 for the major Inazuma expansion. Like with fishing, a map image of the new areas is up on Twitter, so these leaks are highly likely to come true. miHoYo already dropped some possible new characters arriving next version, so you can look forward to rolling for some new characters once the new patch drops.

Genshin Impact fishing

All hail the titanic tuna! (Credit: abc64 on Twitter)

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