Genshin Impact Version 2.7 gets story trailer about Xiao and Yakshas

Genshin Impact: Perilous Trail event guide

Xiao is one moody fella in Genshin Impact, and anyone who’s a fan of the character knows why. Fans paying attention to the lore of the game will be pleased to see HoYoverse dive more into the world of the Yakshas. The five legendary beasts were created to reduce the fallout from the fallen gods over the Archon War. This tale is the centerpiece of the new Perilous Trail event, and it’s a bit of a tragedy, it is.

The Perilous Trail event features popular playable characters like Arataki Itto, Xiao, and Yanfei, and even includes new characters like Yelan and Kuki Shinobu. This trailer takes place “after the end of a crisis, [where] the team departed one after another, either in contemplation or fulfillment.” Xiao invites you for a chat to talk to you about a “Yaksha’s awakened memories,” and it’s one full of pain and despair. Xiao fans know what they’re getting into.


A perilous journey

You can check out this story by participating in the game’s Perilous Trail event, available during Version 2.7 of the game. The event comically and surprisingly ties in a bunch of characters together with seemingly no connection, like Arataki Itto and Yelan. Aside from the story, you can also participate in a variety of events to earn Primogems and other great rewards. (Everything you need to know about this event is detailed in our Perilous Trail event guide here.)

Meanwhile, you can enjoy some of the other updates that Version 2.7 has to offer. This Genshin Impact event gives away a bountiful amount of Primogems, and you can use your earnings to pull for Xiao or the new 5-star character Yelan in the Character Event Wish banner. Or, you can save up your gems for when the new 4-star character Kuki Shinobu is featured next.

If you’re interested, check out the story trailer below if you haven’t already.

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