Get a good look at Titan Souls in the new gameplay trailer for Acid Nerve’s roguelike

August 25, 2014
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Ready for some tough action in a fantasy land filled with giant monsters?

Titan Souls really (really) reminds me of a Legend of Zelda title for some reason. I’ve seen plenty of games that look similar to it, and yet there’s just something there that adds in a little something extra. It might just be the neat art style, but Acid Nerve’s Titan Souls has a special look to it that makes me want to give it a play.

It’ll still be awhile before that’s possible for anyone not attending PAX Prime this week. If you are at the show, you’ll be able to romp around the countryside fighting massive monsters to your heart’s content at the Indie Megabooth. If not though, you’ll be waiting till “early” 2015, when the age is scheduled to hit the Mac, PC, PS4, and PS Vita (yay!).

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