Get a taste for evil with the new The Evil Within gameplay trailer

Go deeper into the upcoming survival/horror game from Shinji Mikami and see just how evil things can get in the city of Crimson.

So not a walk in the park by any means then?

All of the above looks to recall the best moments from the relatively short history of the genre and call back to what it was that drew gamers to survival/horror in the first place. Mikami, the game’s director and head of developer Tango Gameworks, actually created this little section of the gaming universe of course, so if anyone knows how to get it back to its roots, it’d be him. And with a creeping horror, lots of running for your life, and precious little in the way of ammunition, it looks like he’s got something here with The Evil Within that just might be pretty special… in a grotesque, blood-soaked way of course.

Get ready, The Evil Within slices into the Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on October 14th.

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