Get an early start in Battlefield Hardline next week with EA Access

If you’re itching to dive into the upcoming Battlefield Hardline, you can get a jump on everybody else by becoming an EA Access member.

Hardline is an evolution in many ways for Battlefield as a franchise. The game features a bunch of new gameplay mechanics and game modes that its really never had before. It’s a deviation from the norm in other ways as well, since it’s the first game in the series that doesn’t follow a military squad, but instead a US police force.

There’ve been a few chances to play it before launch too, with some beta events here and there, but this chance is way beyond that. EA is giving EA Access members a chance to really dig in and spend 10 hours with part of the final single player campaign and the multiplayer modes starting on the 12th of this month. Although you won’t be able to play through the campaign in its entirety, you will get to experience the prolog and the first chapter of what EA is calling a “thrilling crime drama”.

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And as I mentioned, this special trial version includes all the multiplayer maps and and modes, so you can really get a head-start on user about every aspect of what’ll be hitting retail shortly thereafter. This kicks all kinds of backside especially if you’re into the more competitive aspect of modern FPS’.

Want to know more? Click here for the official page. Battlefield Hardline lands at retail for the Xbox One, PS4, PC, Xbxo 360, and PS3 on March 17th.

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