Get excited: the first trailer for Rogue One is here

Looking fantastically dark and debuting on Good Morning America this AM, the first trailer for this Holiday’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story in finally here.

Is there anything to dislike about that all-too brief glimpse at what’s coming in Rogue One? Anything?! The answer of course, is ‘no’. While I was in the camp of fans who weren’t blown away by The Force Awakens, Rogue One looks like it’s going to absolutely rock.

Why? Well, for starters it’s got a gloriously dark and serious feel to it. In this first trailer at least, we see a people that are suffering under galactic oppression, and just starting to wage a war that that they may or may not win. Of course, we all know what happens in the end (well, sort of), but there’s a palpable sense of dread in this short video, and that’s as it should be.

Also, there are stormtroopers and rebel troops and freaking AT-AT’s in what looks like a beach-landing… What’s not to be excited about?!

Actually, the wait for it to hit theaters is one thing that’s not worth getting too pumped over. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story isn’t set to land in cinemas till December 16th of this year. Fortunately, I’m sure we’ll have plenty more trailers to tide us all over till then.

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